The LEADER Rural Development Programme is split into three themes that reflect the overarching needs of rural Ireland. An application must fit with one or more of the themes to be eligible. The themes reflect the key challenges facing rural Ireland, with regard to economic recovery, employment creation, tackling social exclusion and reducing the impact of global warming and resource depletion. Each theme contains a number of sub-themes, which are considered the key areas in need of the greatest support and have the greatest potential to promote the sustainable development of rural communities.

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Theme one focuses on driving continued local economic development, including diversification of the rural economy and the creation of employment opportunities for the local community, including those from disadvantaged groups. This will be done through the sub themes.

Theme two focuses on focuses on promoting the cohesion of the sub-regional area, from both an economic development and social inclusion perspective. This will be done through the sub themes.

Theme three seeks to maximise the potential of environmental actions to contribute to the sustainable development of rural communities. It focuses on utilising the landscape within a local area, while simultaneously creating a greater environmental awareness and improving environmental protection. This will be done through the sub themes.

Projects We’ve Helped


Portmarnock Racecourse

PROJECT NAME: Portmarnock Raceway PROMOTER: Standardbred Harness Racing Ireland ADDRESS: Portmarnock Raceway, Portmarnock, Co. Dublin FUNDING CRITERIA TYPE: Social Enterprise THEME: Economic Development FUNDING: €110,675.29 Portmarnock Raceway Harness racing is a sport where a special breed of horses, called Standardbreds, race around a track while pulling a driver in a [...]


Keogh’s Crisps

PROJECT NAME Keogh’s Crisps PROMOTER Keogh’s Crisps ADDRESS Westpalstown, Oldtown, Co. Dublin WEBSITE FUNDING CRITERIA TYPE: Rural Business THEME: Economic Development SUB THEME: Enterprise Development FUNDING: €92,000.00 Keogh’s Crisps The promoters are members of a long established farming family in Oldtown, Tom Derek and Ross Keogh. The promoters are highly [...]


Calliaghstown Equestrian Centre

PROJECT NAME Calliaghstown Equestrian Centre and Training Facility PROMOTER Mr Anthony Byrne ADDRESS Calliaghstown, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin WEBSITE FUNDING CRITERIA TYPE: Rural Business THEME: Economic Development SUB THEME: Rural Tourism FUNDING: €197,251.17 Calliaghstown Equestrian Centre Capital Investment to upgrade and expand facilities at Calliaghstown Equestrian Centre and training facility to [...]


Glencullen Community Clubhouse

PROJECT NAME Glencullen Community Clubhouse PROMOTER Stars of Erin GAA Club ADDRESS Glencullen, Co Dublin WEBSITE FUNDING CRITERIA TYPE: Community Groups THEME: Social Inclusion SUB THEME 2: Provision of basic services targeted at hard to reach communities FUNDING: Flagship Project Glencullen Community Clubhouse Flagship Community Led Capital Project to develop [...]


Ambles and Rambles

PROJECT NAME Ambles and Rambles PROMOTER Adrian Nolan ADDRESS Slate Cabin Lane, Woodside, Sandyford, Dublin 18 WEBSITE FUNDING CRITERIA TYPE: Individual / Sole Trader THEME: Economic Development SUB THEME: Rural Tourism FUNDING: €21,800.95 Ambles and Rambles The Promoter Adrian Nolan is a qualified walking group leader and mountain leader. The [...]

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