Project Description


RAMS (Retired Active Men’s Social)




Newcastle, Co. Dublin


TYPE: Community Groups
THEME: Social Inclusion
FUNDING: €3,750.00

RAMS (Retired Active Men’s Social)

RAMS (Retired Active Men’s Social) formed in the autumn of 2010 as a result of key members of the Newcastle community applying to participate in the Rural Challenge Programme to establish a constituted group to represent the interests of the retired men of the area and to empower them to participate in activities and projects which will lead to an improved sense of wellbeing for them and their wider community. The group since it was formed has grown from strength to strength and currently has a membership of 95. They have established a number of sub-groups to drive a number of actions identified in their 3-year plan.

Members of the group have participated in a number of other training programmes since its formation including Computer Training, Historic Graveyards Project, Men’s Health Project, and more. The group have also organised outings both recreational and educational for members to the enjoyment of all concerned. The profile of the group is very high and they have won a number of prestigious awards for their activities and the group are recognised as an example of best practice for men’s groups.

Project outline

The promoters sought support to purchase Multi-media equipment to deliver a programme of multi-media training to members of RAMS with a view to enabling the participants to record, create and produce multi-media productions promoting the history, heritage and folklore of the Newcastle area and the community there. The training was delivered over 30 hours in workshop format. The use of multi-media technology i.e. Apple iPads will be a new and exciting learning experience for the participants and as with other training the members of RAMS have received they will pass the skills learned to other members of the club. Support was sought for the purchase of Apple Mac Equipment to enable delivery of this training programme. This equipment will then be used by the group to train more members in the use of multi-media technology for the benefit of the group and the wider community.


The promoters sought €3,750.00 this being 75% of eligible costs and were successful with their application they purchased the equipment and received the training which they are now passing on to other members of the group.

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