Project Description


Keogh’s Crisps


Keogh’s Crisps


Westpalstown, Oldtown, Co. Dublin


TYPE: Rural Business
THEME: Economic Development
SUB THEME: Enterprise Development
FUNDING: €92,000.00

Keogh’s Crisps

The promoters are members of a long established farming family in Oldtown, Tom Derek and Ross Keogh. The promoters are highly experienced and have worked in the day to day running of a successful family owned potato growing and packaging business for the past ten years. The potato growing business has operated in Oldtown since the 1950’s and the promoters have been learning how to cook luxury crisps using a small pilot production line since 2010. They have gained experience and market knowledge by visiting crisp manufacturers worldwide. They have secured accounts with Irish retail stores and demand has increased for their product. They have secured export orders from Spain and the USA and are currently negotiating with a Chinese company.

Project outline

This proposal was for support to expand and develop the production line at Keogh’s Crisps through the installation of additional equipment. This was a new company manufacturing and marketing hand cooked kettle style Irish crisp. They proposed to convert and equip an old potato store on the family farm to produce the finest hand cooked ‘kettle style’ Irish potato crisps. The potatoes for their product will be sourced from the family farm and the proposal is for acreage to be allocated to grow specialist crisping potato varieties. They have secured export orders from Spain and the USA and are currently in discussion with a Chinese Distributor. They have also sourced unusual and unique flavourings for their crisps and will continue to experiment with this. Funding was sought for

  • Slice Conveyor
  • Singulator/Scale
  • Batch Kettle Fryer
  • Stainless steel hood with fan
  • Control Flow Box Tipper
  • Elevator
  • Cross Conveyer
  • Hopper/Elevator


The promoters were successful in their application with grant aid of €92,000.00 awarded. They purchased the equipment and the company has gone from strength to strength since. The promoter has introduced a number of new flavours to the brand and has secured nationwide contracts with dunes stores super value and Tesco.

Dublin Rural Leader helped us access equipment funding to expand our production line. We are exporting to the USA and have our sights on China.
Keoghs Crisps, Westpalstown, Oldtown

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