Project Description


Floraville Park


Skerries Chamber of Commerce


Skerries, Co. Dublin

TYPE: Volunteer Groups
THEME: Economic Development
SUB THEME: Rural Towns
FUNDING: € 178,422.82

Floraville Park

Skerries chamber of commerce was founded in 2007 and have a tradition of community and voluntary work. The Chamber have raised and invested more than €120,000 in the community of Skerries. They are responsible for the Christmas lights and raised money for the search for fishermen lost at sea and for financial support for the families affected.

Project outline

The promoters intended to construct a new heritage park (Floraville) on land leased from Fingal Co Co comprising approx 1200 sq.m. including refurbishment and regeneration of traditional cottage, seating, pathways, bandstand, hard and soft landscaping, gates and boundary fencing. There will be three Special features include 3 artworks – the ‘Open Hand’, ‘Skerries Islands’ and ‘Memorial to the Lost at Sea’. The park is located in the centre of the town of Skerries, linking the two main commercial business streets, adjacent to the Fingal Co Co Carnegie Library and to the Catholic Church; The Park has been mooted as a use for the land for some time now with wide voluntary community involvement in its design, construction and planned operation. The design is themed on the history and geography of Skerries, and the facility is intended for as wide a number of passive and active community uses as possible. The development of Floraville is a community legacy project in the tradition of other community projects such as the obelisk ‘Monument’ in Skerries from over 100 years ago.


The project set out to utilize an area of land in the centre of the town that had fallen into disrepair and was unsightly to turn it to a multifunctional park space that will become the fulcrum of the town. This is now complete and the results are outstanding exceeding the high expectations of the promoters already had for the project.

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