The TÚS initiative is a community work placement scheme which runs for a period of 12 months providing work experience opportunities for unemployed people. The work placement opportunities provided, benefit the local community and voluntary organisations in both urban and rural areas. Loughshinny Community Association is one of the organisations that Fingal LEADER Partnership works closely with to provide the TÚS scheme.

Loughshinny Community Association is a charitable organization which was set up in 1980 and provides a variety of services to community groups including VEC, Yoga Classes, Pilates, 2 playschools, facilities for the local Football Club and social events in the community hall.

Since, 1994 the village has an official” Twinning” arrangement with the French village of Quistinic in Morhihan, Brittany. Exchanges take place every year between groups of school children clubs and interested people in both communities.
Currently, Fingal LEADER Partnership has one TÚS participant in the Loughshinny Community Association that undertakes the role of General Maintenance and grounds person.
Her name is Wendy. What is so special about her? She loves gardening, and there is no doubt about that, starting with the Community Centre and following on all the way down to the beach, the flower beds and pathways are perfectly cleaned, no weeds, no leaves, even in this freezing cold weather. And also, we had the chance to meet her little “friend”, a very sweet Robin who keeps her company every day.

Local people appreciate all the hard work she does on a daily basis and compliment her when they have the chance, which encourages Wendy to keep up the good work.

We are grateful to have, TÚS participants dedicated and passionate about their work. Participants like Wendy who play a vital role in and for the community.