We would like to announce that the work for sixteen of our clients who received the contracts has been started. Another four projects are waiting to receive the contracts in February.

Charity organisation, Remember Us (one of our clients) already started the building process of the facility for children with special needs.

For those who haven’t heard about them, “Remember Us provides a unique social outlet to people with special needs and their families in the North County Dublin and surrounding region. It is the families that are members; this means that not only the individual with special needs benefits from our group but their parents, carers and siblings too.

People with disabilities are often marginalized and discriminated against in society. Children with disabilities normally receive less educational opportunities than any other group. Often parents cannot work because they are caring for their loved one. This puts a huge financial burden on the family unit and very often leads to social exclusion.”

They have a variety of programmes they provide and since 1998 their “club has grown from a handful of people to now being an integral and invaluable part of the lives of 250+ families impacting on over 850 people.”

For people interested in their activity and services, or how you could help here you can find more information: http://rememberus.ie/

Watch out for upcoming interview with Nora Roban, the founder of this charity organisation!


Dublin Rural LEADER is proud to be part of their expansion and to contributing to this great cause.